At Dleon Empire you can print t-shirts with the best quality. It doesn’t matter if they are funny t-shirts, urban t-shirts, t-shirts for clubs, t-shirts for a farewell or kits, we will print your t-shirts with the quality you are looking for, with personal attention and at a reasonable price. In our t-shirt designer you can make your own t-shirt with different options to add text, designs and your own photos.

The personalized gifts at Dleon Empire are original and very appropriate for any occasion, be it birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, father’s or mother’s days. You can also print personalized mugs, personalized cloth bags or even T-shirts with a photo, to give your gifts that touch that will make them special. With your personalized gifts, you will have guaranteed success!



If you are looking for garments to personalize with your own designs, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Dleon Empire vast collection of custom clothing. We are experts in cutting, printing and sewing custom clothing. Discover this magnificent section and dare to design clothes with your ideas for women, men and children.

Have you ever thought of creating promotional item packs to advertise your business in addition to your clothing? Depending on the occasion and your clients and prospects it is very useful to print a variety of promotional items with the same motive, for example, as part of a campaign. If you have pens with your logo, you can also design your own personalized notebooks, and matching cloth bags. Thus, at events or fairs you will have them ready to surprise and welcome your new customers.